How to verify your identity to receive payment in google Adsense

How to verify your identity to receive payment in google Adsense

How to verify your identity to receive payment in google Adsense – Getting your google approved isnt all you need to start receiving payment from google.

Immediately your ads are showing then you will start earning immediately depending on your traffic (visitors), RPM, CTC, CPC and the others. After reaching a certain limit then your account (adsnse) will be flagged red. The read notification is to enable verify your identity (sample of the message you will get from google: your ad units are not displaying ads because you haven’t yet verified your identity) This payment notification appears on both Google Adsense account and also in your Youtube Dashboard. Note that it is not just new approved AdSense and youtube ad accounts that get this notification, those who have been using this ad program can as well have their account flagged download and their ads disabled if they fail to verify their identity. Google who is the parent owner of this program does this to ensure that all YouTuber and AdSense account owners have their identity so that they can receive their payment.

Google Adsense Payment on Hold – How to Verify Your Identity to Receive Payments

This is a process you should handle carefully. Because it involves the recipient of the money, so you have to enter only a valid identity. The quickest way to fix this issue is by verifying your identity with a valid ID card. There are multiple ways to do that, but the ID card must be a valid one and also a government-issued ID card that belongs to you. The first thing you have to do when this occurs is to login the email address which you used to signup for the approved Adsense after that enter on the address bar of your browser and hit the enter or load key. You will be immediately taken to the dashboard of your Adsense account. Right, that click on the notification link and then you will see the verify button. Right there press the ‘VERIFY NOW’ button and you will be taken to a password recovery page. On the page upload your photo ID. Note that it must be valid which is issued and accepted by the government of your country. Before you upload, you can check out the tips of taking a clear picture of you which is displayed on the page. After that step scroll down and enter your Name which must be the same on the payment system and also on the ID. The process of verifying this photo ID takes a little while, so you have to be patient and wait for days. Do not upload a fake ID or impersonate someone else. Finally, click on the button tagged ‘confirm info’ to complete the process.

Take Note – The process may take a few days. We will email you the results. If Google is unable to verify your identity, you’ll need to submit your documents again. You have a limited number of attempts.

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