Login For The New BitQL App Appears To Be A Phishing Scam

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According to industry watchdog websites the Login link for a new Bitcoin Trading app named “BitQL” appears to be a phishing scam. It seems members complained about personal information which was suddenly user to try and sell them certain products like trading apps, roulette systems, health supplements, and a host of other products.

Apparently the people who are responsible for this activity are affiliate networks that specialize in data hacks and PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). Once they retrieve the personal information they start sending SPAM emails which include affiliate ID’s. These links are in essence campaigns which measure key metrics such as clicks, registrations, and purchases.

Once the user makes a purchase, the sales are traced back to the scammers and they are paid according to their contract rates. The tracking is usually done via cookies, and in some cases XML strings or even API.

This is basically the customer lifecycle from the point of acquisition until the sale is made. In some cases there are Revenue or Profit Share schemes which are in place, this is especially prevalent in the gambling niche.

When we first heard about how this scheme operates we were not shocked, but the sheer size and magnitude of the operation is something unusual. When we saw the article, here it is https://scamcryptorobots.com/bitql-app-review-scam/ it struck us as a bit odd because we did some testing ourselves in a sandbox environment and everything seemed to be in order.

Then we figured out that there are a few versions of this service, and indeed the second time around we received a message that there was malware being downloaded on our device.

As is the case in many of these situations, we always recommend our viewers engage in some serious fact-checking before investing and risking money.





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