JMG Limited Job Application & Vacancies For HND & BSC Engineers


JMG Limited serves the highly populated Nigeria and as well many other African countries. Standing as one of the largest energy firm I Nigeria and Africa, they act as a major employer of labor for Engineers in Nigeria
The company provides thousands of jobs for interested applicants especially those who are Engineers either with HN, BSC, Masters or its equivalent.

Please find below the list of our current vacancies and fill the following job application form to submit your resume:

Chief Engineer (Lagos)

Manage special project, servicing of gas gen-sets and attending to emergencies

Manage and oversee overall all Company’s gas generator lines maintenance

Conduct Power failure root cause analysis and preventive re-occurrence plan

Ensure maintenance and shift schedules are properly adhered to by all staff

Ensure all maintenance reports (MRP/JCFs) are checked validated and submitted promptly to stores and raising requisition for spare part quotation to quote department and ensure filing of maintenance office copies according to client names in sequence.

Perform Power calculations, Load analysis, Load requirement, and calculations when required for client installations.

Past experience on gas generator is a must-have

Chief Engineer (After-Sales Division) – Lagos


Oversee all emergencies, routine services, Inspection for YSA, Inspection for Installation, Commissioning, Repairs, and Installation Jobs.

Manage special project, servicing of gen sets, attending emergencies and servicing and coordinating diesel supply to all PZ locations.

Act as a representative of Company’s brand.

Manage and oversee overall all Company’s product lines maintenance.

Ensure DG power availability.

Conduct Power failure root cause analysis and preventive re-occurrence plan.

Supervise spares and Preventive Maintenance implementation.

Conduct team planning, site dimensioning, resource allocation, site inspection and observed non-conformities

Allocate Spare parts allocation and request, re-distribution, usage tracking.

Ensure maintenance and shift schedules are properly adhered to by all staff.

Ensure team and MS comply with high-quality services with first time right approach.

Conduct periodic field inspections and audits of all critical tasks commissioning, emergencies, routine Services and all projects including special tasks to monitor and control quality of Service performance by teams.

Ensure all maintenance reports (MRP/JCFs) are checked validated and submitted promptly to stores and raising requisition for spare part quotation to quote department and ensure filing of maintenance office copies according to client names in sequence.

Perform Power calculations, Load analysis, Load requirement and calculations when required for client installations.

Remain 24×7 available on calls and emails.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction by solving customers’ complaints and ensure they are satisfied and are receiving quality service delivered to them at all times.

Oversee and supervise all tasks assigned to respective MS.

Ensure undelivered SO’s value within region is well within set target limit and is cleared promptly by regular close monitoring through respective MS.

Prepare on daily basis EOB schedule and ensure clients are promptly visited twice on a monthly basis for possible routine service activities to be carried out for client.

Prepare Technical reports for all clients.

Ensure all warranty cases are promptly handled and resolved within a reasonable time line to prevent unwanted downtime on client gen set.

Minimum Requirements:

BE. Electrical, Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical or equivalent. ME, Master in Operations Management or equivalent is a plus. Min 10-12 years of experience in operational maintenance service department in a leading industrial company with a strong experience in Power Supply/Generators industry is a plus.

Production Manager (Home Appliance Division) – Lagos


Manage Gbagada factory in accordance with Company’s policies and manufacturing procedures, including personnel, materials, equipment and tooling.

Manage production work routine (start, close, breaks, overtime, vacation, absenteeism, discipline, shift pattern).

Maintain production workflow by monitoring steps of the process to meet specifications and deadlines; setting processing variables; observing control points and equipment; monitoring employees and resources; studying methods; implementing cost reductions; developing reporting procedures and systems; facilitating corrections to malfunctions within process control points; initiating and fostering a spirit of cooperation within and between departments.

Manage the inventory to ensure that JMG Ltd has always the supply needed to complete production quotas quickly and efficiently, place orders when necessary in advance so inventory is restocked before depletion.

Prepare and participate in Inventory Control Audits and manage all idle stocks.

Monitor & achieve efficiency improvement, quality and machine capability targets.

Confirm weekly production plan, ensure material is available and return material surplus to Stores.

Monitor tooling list, ensure availability and fit for purpose and make sure Torque tooling is calibrated and used where specified.

Plan and organizes production schedules, assess project and resource requirements, determine quality control standards, manage production processes and ensure that the production is cost-effective.

Audit QA checklist for content, accuracy & completion and ensure section awareness and understanding of Quality Control Manual. Complete sample PDI Quality Checks.

Re-negotiate timescales or production schedules as necessary, select, order and purchase materials.

Estimate, negotiate and agree budgets and timescales with clients and managers.

Organize the repair and routine maintenance of production equipment. Manage weekly preventative maintenance program adherence and report equipment breakdown immediately.

Monitor Quarantine area and log in each section and is accountable for minimum WIP in Lister STC Quarantine area.

Maintain staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.

Complete production plan by scheduling and assigning employees; accomplishing work results; establishing priorities; monitoring progress; revising schedules; resolving problems; reporting results of the processing flow on shift production summaries.

Maintain quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standards and health and safety regulations.

Ensure operation of equipment by calling for repairs; evaluating new equipment and techniques.

Provide manufacturing information by compiling, initiating, sorting, and analyzing production performance records and data; answering questions and responding to requests.

Create and revise systems and procedures by analyzing operating practices, record-keeping systems, forms of control, and budgetary and employee requirements; implementing change.

Maintain safe and clean work environment by educating and directing employees on the use of all control points, equipment, and resources; maintaining compliance with established policies and procedures.

Maintain working relationship with the union by following the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

Accomplish manufacturing staff results by communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring and appraising job results; coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; initiating, coordinating and enforcing systems, policies, and procedures.

Act as representative on management teams and projects and ensure appropriate technical documentation is always available when needed.

Minimum Requirements:

BE. Mechanical, Industrial Engineering, Production Management, Electro-Mechanical, Electrical, Welding & Fabrication Engineering or equivalent or any other Technical Field. PMP, MSc, MBA or ME is a must. Min 10-12 years of proven work experience in an Industrial/ Manufacturing environment. Experience in a Unionized environment is a plus.

Gas Generator Operator (After-Sales Division) – Lagos

Inspect and conduct hourly checks on the gensets and associated installations and conduct pre and post starting checks before every operation. Escalate any abnormalities to Maintenance Supervisor.

Inspect the gensets & associated installations thoroughly at assigned times on a daily basis.

Conduct pre and post starting checks on the assigned gensets and associated installation before every operation.

Conduct hourly checks on the Gensets Engine, Main Alternator, Gensets Panel and Soundproofing Canopy, record all technical parameters related to assigned gensets on hourly basis.

Conduct hourly checks on diesel tank, diesel water separator and fuel lines for any sign of leakage.

Promptly Operate Changeover Switch as per set process to switch the electrical load on PHCN & Generator AC Power sources for ensuring 24×7 seamless power to the client premise.

Escalate any abnormality at site Gensets, Diesel Tank or Fuel Lines promptly to JMG Supervisor by snapping pictures and sharing on email/WhatsApp.

Escalate promptly to the Maintenance Supervisor when the assigned Gensets is about to get due for Routine Service.

During diesel delivery at site, conduct diesel test using Hydrometer provided at site while taking pictures of the test obtaining client/MS approval before commencement of delivery.

Properly measure & record initial and final level of diesel inside diesel tank and signoff only the quantity received exactly at site after delivery. Update the quantity received in diesel register with every delivery.

Wash and clean the Gensets externals and internals regularly to keep the gensets and surrounding very neat and clean at all times.

Ensure no pilferage of diesel occurs in normal operations as well as during the delivery of diesel by supplier.

Maintain shift handover and takeover records with date time and signoff in Handover/Takeover Register provided by the agency.

Maintain all the amenities provided by the Company such as Uniform, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) as well as Registers, Hydrometer, Tools if any in very good condition.

Ensure the Gent Maintenance Card Log sheet is updated by the visiting Engineers on every maintenance activity is conducted

Comply strictly with company processes related with QMS, OHAS & EHS policies by JMG as well as Client.

Minimum Requirements:

Diploma or BE. Electrical, Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical or equivalent. Min 3-5 years of experience in site electrical operations in a leading industrial company with a strong experience in Power Supply/Generators industry.

Electrical Assembly Supervisor (Panel Division) – Lagos

Supervise the control panel section. Provide guidance, direction, leadership and mentorship to Electrical Assemblers under his/her supervision.

Collect production plan from the Production Planner on weekly basis.

Collect production material from store.

Assemble electrical control panels. Complete point to point wiring, and install a wide variety of electronic and electromechanical components.

Determine the method and sequence of assembly operations.

Read and interpret drawings, blueprints, electrical schematics and wiring diagrams, specifications and work orders to determine materials requirements and assembly instructions.

Make sure that the production plans and programs are carried out by the staff.

Assure production related needs are accomplished and completed per schedule or production requirements.

Inspect work as necessary to ensure quality and accuracy.

Report the finished products (panels) to the Production Planner and store.

Supervise control panel section.

Inspect work as necessary to ensure quality and accuracy.

Use safety equipment, and protective devices and equipment.

Maintain safe and clean environment by complying with procedures, rules and regulations.

Instruct, supervise and transfer skills to control panel workers assigned to him to ensure high level of safety and quality of work.

Prepare reports to Production Manager.

Minimum Requirements:

Electronics Engineering Degree, BE. Electro-Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or equivalent. Other certifications in electronics assembly is a plus. Min 7-8 years of proven work experience in electrical assembly and wiring.

Generator Assembly Supervisor (Production Division) – Lagos

Oversee the planning, scheduling and execution of work with all team members to produce quality products and deliver it on time. Responsible for development and implementation of operating procedures and continuous improvement programs.

Supervise the planning, scheduling and implementation of work with all assembly team members to produce high quality products and deliver it on time.

Accomplish manufacturing goals by communicating job expectations and setting up daily/weekly/monthly objectives to production team.

Review processing schedules and production orders and make decisions regarding resources needed to meet those schedules or orders.

Organize workflow by assigning responsibilities and preparing schedules.

Ensure all sections are following all safety and quality procedures and guidelines.

Check production output according to specifications.

Submit reports on production performance and progress.

Monitor equipment calibration dates.

Ensure the safe use of equipment and schedule regular maintenance.

Ensure that production line is effectively and efficiently maintained and suggest improvements.

Provide explanation and corrective actions for missed goal.

Check material to see if it conforms to the company specifications.

Report materials shortages and plan to overcome it.

Ensure materials are received early by all sections to meet weekly plans.

Provide proper trainings and educate assembly staff on effective way of assembling gensets.

Monitor production operations to ensure that it complies with quality and safety standard of the company.

Enforce policies, procedures are followed and orderly assembly floor is maintained.

Ensure good understanding and interpretation of engineering drawings and plan layout specifications by sectional supervisors.

Coordinate with Maintenance department on daily and future maintenance priorities and other engineering projects.

Develop reports in AX/DOLPHIN to track and move material throughout the Departments to support on-time delivery.

Document the production process and calculate manufacturing cost in order to identify areas that needs improvement and work accurately to estimate the cost of future project.

Supervise all production assembly activities and offer feedback and instruction to all staff regarding productivity and quality improvement.

Minimum Requirements:

BE. Mechanical or Electro-Mechanical. Min 7-8 years of proven work experience as production supervisor in the assembly line. Diploma in Process Engineering is a plus.

Field Electrical Engineer (After-Sales Division) – Ibadan

Inspect, install, commission, test, troubleshoot and perform preventive and corrective maintenance on DG electrical system, Charging & Main Alternators, Automatic Transfer Switches and Control Panels.

Inspect, install, commission and troubleshoot of faulty DG electrical system, Charging & Main Alternators, Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and Control Panels.

Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on complete DG Electricals, Control panels and Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS).

Conduct routine inspections, servicing and make modifications to electrical systems of IC engines, generators and associated equipment.

Assemble, install, configure, test & troubleshoot electrical system components such as Gen Control Modules (DCP, Power Wizard, EasyGen, etc.), AVRs, Charging Alternator, Starter Motor, Electrical Lift Pump, ATS modules (Deep-sea, Intelilite, Lovato), synchro with multiple DGs & Grid Power for auto-interchange.

Handle all Test Equipment, Hand Tools, Apparatus and Components related with electrical systems parameters of the generators and other products of the company.

Correct wiring connections/modifications related to generator electrical system, circuit breakers, transformers or other component complying with standard specifications & codes.

Perform load assessment, balancing at sites and testing of electrical system components to identify possible faults & prevent wet stacking.

Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures, based on job specifications and standard codes.

Write reports, obtaining customer signoff, snap pre & post pictures in line with the job requirement, send emails, communicate with line managers & call center before leaving any site after job completion.

Conduct basic mechanical work such as replacing/ topping engineer oil, replacing/ washing of oil & fuel filters, replacing/ cleaning of air filter, washing of radiator and gensets canopy external & internal, disposing the waste as per company policy, etc.

Check daily and conduct periodic maintenance of assigned vehicle in line with company process & manufacturer’s catalogue.

Check daily and maintain all assigned company assets, tools & PPEs.

Comply strictly with company processes related with QMS, OHAS & EHS policies.

Candidate should be an experienced professional who is detail-oriented with demonstrable creative writing skills

Minimum Requirements:

Diploma or BE. Electrical, Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical or equivalent. Min 3-5 years of experience in site electrical operations in a leading industrial company with a strong experience in Power Supply/Generators industry. Must be ready to relocate to other Zones/ Areas/ Regions based on business needs. Must be able to drive

TV / AC / Refrigerator Assembler (Lagos)

Read and comprehend instructions and follow established procedures

Crimps, stakes, screws, bolts, rivets, welds, solders, cements, press fits, or performs similar operations to join or secure parts in place, using hand tools, power tools, machines, and equipment. Positions and aligns parts in specified relationship to each other in jig, fixture, or other holding device.

Check output to ensure highest quality

Report on issues, malfunction or defective parts

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