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Direct2hr safeway login – Although it may be difficult to login into direct2hr Safeway account as an employee especially if you don’t have previous knowledge about the steps to access the Albertson Safeway Employee Portal. In the first place, you have to be a partner or employee of the company before you can access this portal. Not only that, you have to access this portal either from your home computer or with the authourize electronic device fixed at their HR Department. In spite of the fact the login process is easy, you have to be guided properly so as to be able to access this website hassle-free.

Direct2hr Safeway Login

If you have the intention of logging into this website then you have to read this portion of the article carefully. The login credentials which you need to login includes your employee user id [one time pin] and password. With this in mind, you can easily visit this website. In the event that employees are required to have the login credentials handy when trying to login in order not to run into difficulties. In view of that follow the Direct2hr Safeway Login instructions as shown below in order to log into your online accounts.

Step: 1. Open your home computer web browser and visit Portal

Step: 2. You will be directed to a new website where you have to enter your User ID [One Time PIN] and Password there.

Step: 3. Click on the LOGIN button and you will be directed straight to your Direct2hr Safeway account.

How to reset your password

As long as you use the correct login credentials which are your one-time pin and password, you will be allowed to access the Direct2hr Safeway account. With that at the back of your mind, it is very crucial that you keep your login details memorable or better still write it down in a safe place where you can access it to refresh your mind. Although it is important to always remember your one-time pin [user id] and password, it may be possible that you forget these information. Instead of visiting your HR Team Manager when that happens, you have to do this. Click on this link to access their website

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